Our Strength

We are professional at what we do

Innive Technologies is run by a team of dedicated professionals who have many years of experience in their respective field. Taking advantage of its strategic alliances and partnerships with international brands, Innive delivers product knowledge, experience and professionalism through her people.

Our Skills


Our Services

  • IT Support Services (Sales, Supply, Installation and Services)

    We provide Customized IT Support Solutions to fit your business and budget. Focus on what you do best, we’ll handle the rest. At Innive Technologies we know every business’s technology needs are different and having the right IT support in place is mission-critical. Whether you have 10 employees or 100; we can craft an IT management strategy that’s right for your organization, and we’ll find the most cost-effective way to get just the right level of support.

  • Software Development

    We understand that every business has special software requirements, our customer service approach enables our developers to capture your business requirements and develop a fully customized software solution that solves your unique business needs. Regardless of the industry segment your business operate, we will design and deploy software and security applications that are unique to your business. These are few out of many solutions we deploy across the nation: Hotel Management Software, School Management System Software, Filling Station Management Software and Point of Sales (POS). Name your needs, our team will get them delivered.

  • Website and Graphics Design

    Innive Technologies is an innovative and experienced Web Design Company that offers a variety of Web Design Solutions for every kind of business. Our strength is in the ability to convert customers’ vision into a Dynamic Website.

    With our team’s combined experience in Graphic Design, Print Design, Logo Design, Website Development, Website Design, Flash animation and e-Commerce Programming, you can be confident that whatever your project demands, our team will deliver on time and on budget!

    The Web Designers at Innive Technologies have the creative talent and technical expertise to develop websites appealing to your sense of style, as well as the experience and training on current website development and website design standards and practices, turning your ideas into a living and profitable reality!

  • Networking (WAN, LAN and Point-to-Point)

    Innive Technologies recognizes the need for network and security solutions for businesses and therefore provides support through quality network and security products.

    Innive Technologies makes LAN, WAN and other simple for your business to get the infrastructure it needs. Whether implementing a new network, upgrading an existing one or simply adding an application, we provide end-to-end service. By designing and implementing networks, we help your business operate more efficiently.

  • IT Security

    Extensive security measures to ensure the safety of both company and client data. Innive Technologies provides strategic consulting, training, and implementation. Our experienced security professionals have the expertise to identify potential vulnerabilities and recommend long-term security measures.

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